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We produce and sell PS Fire Retarder, high-quality flame retardant for fabric products such as curtains, carpets, pillow cases, sofa covers, etc. in residences, hotels, resorts, offices and department stores. Coating the fabric with this product will make it flame-retardant, to improve safety and reduce severity and likelihood of fire hazards. Contractors might get benefits as they can coat fabric used for decoration to improve its flame resistance, or manufacture flame-resistant suits for firefighters or those working near heat sources such as chefs for an affordable price, not having to rely on more expensive imports.

PS Fire Retarder, is a highly-effective flame retardant, developed by Thai specialists with technical experience, and compliant with the US ASTM D 777-97 standard.

How flame retardants work
Turn the originally flammable products such as fabric into fireproof or fire-resistant material by spraying flame retardant on the material.

Use of flame retardants in textiles
Fire retarder fabric can be divided into two types:
– Coating the raw fabric before weaving.
– Coating the finished product.
Flame-resistance is not fireproof—the fire will simply not spread as much. Flame resistance depends on time of exposure (in seconds) and…Read more